Monday, February 6, 2023
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Christmas: Bashorun MD Eseyin Felicitate with people of Kogi West; Preaches Love

ACCORD (A) Senatorial Candidate for Kogi West 2023 general election, Bashorun MD Eseyin has felicitate with Christians especially in Kogi West as they join fellow Christians across the world in celebrating Christmas to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

In marking the day, Eseyin enjoined Christians to spread the messages of love, peace, hope and tolerance which Jesus Christ preached by personal example.

In his felicitation message, he said “I heartily rejoice with Christians in Kogi West as they celebrate this annual festival of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

“The life and teachings of Jesus Christ enjoins his followers through holy living to be the light and salt that make the world brighter and better for Mankind.

“Jesus Christ also commanded his followers to love their neighbours just as they love themselves and to seek peace in the society.

“Abiding by those great instructions is important for Christians everywhere and for all of us as we seek to build a virile and happy Nation.

“In true spirit of this August occasion, we must remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Also our elderly, disabled, the sick and vulnerable ones among us.

“I wish you and your families much happiness, good health, today and throughout
the coming year.

Merry Christmas, a peaceful and prosperous 2023.




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