Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Entertainment: Movie Titled ‘Awo Mi’ Coming Soon From Thompson Makolo

Thompson Makolo Jnr., has just finished shooting and began the post production works of a movie titled ‘Awo Mi’.

He is producer of MAKAFAN (shot in Ogori), OMAYEKWU (shot in Ayingba), ATAMA (shot in Lokoja).

Thomson Makolo Jnr is known for using his movies to celebrate culture and traditional values especially from Igala land.

One of the things to be expected from this movie is the constant propagation of contemporary Igalacentrism with the usage of Igala idioms and proverbs by the characters.

With a brilliant cast of Igala actors on set I can assure you this movie is a must watch for all lovers of good African movies.

As an Igala man, Makolo has never shyed away from showing the powers of culture & tradition in his movies and this is one of the areas that set him apart from other contemporary movie practitioners.

With Awo Mi, Thomson Makolo Jnr has yet again scored another hit with a first class cinematographic standard movie for the global audience using local content from Igala land.



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