Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Flood: KGSG To Rehabilitate 500 Units Roads, Drainage

The Kogi State Government is set to begin grading and rehabilitation of roads within the 500 unit Estate.

The rehabilitation work followed the submerged Lokoja and Ganaja road as a result of flood that has ravaged part of the State.

Presently the Ganaja road linking the Eastern part of the country through Kogi State to the Northern part of Nigeria.
Speaking on the rehabilitation work likely to begin today, a source from Kogi State Road Maintenance Agency, said aside the rehabilitation work, efforts is on to make the road permanently fixed with asphalt overly.

It is expected that when rehabilitated, roads in the 500 would provide alternative to vehicular movement for over 5000 vehicles plying East and North of the Country through Kogi State on a daily basis.

Parts of Kogi State has in the last two weeks gone under water, with houses and farmlands submerged like was experience in 2012.
Residents have been sacked from there houses with Motorists now made to seek alternative routes following the submersion of the Ganaja, Old Market and Kabawa roads.



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