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Before We Crucify Irukera and His Subservient

The more some of us keep taking decisions or drawing conclusions based on mere hearsay or wind bag information without digging into the architect of the issues, the more we will continue to trample on people’s rights. No doubt, we live in a world full of all manners of unreasonable agitations from an individuals, groups or even nations. The agitations vary. While some are reasonable, others are on the ground of envy, just for the agitators to achieve their satanic agenda.

In view of some of the insignificant agitations being peddled by some scalawags, who feel others should not and cannot become or attain the pinnacle in life, many are presently languishing behind bars, with others already dead and buried for an offence they know nothing about. They are suffering because of the conspiracies by some disgruntled elements that for no tangible reason decided to develope personal detestation for them. The society is indeed going through perilous times, when dubious and satanic agents are willing to do anything within their power to bring down others in order for their satanic agenda to be feasible.

Meanwhile, those whose hard earned reputation these insignificant rascals conspire to destroy their hard earned are in all ramifications far ahead of them. We live in the world where men of integrity filled with passion to develop the larger society are being destroyed by political charlatans just to continue to keep the poverty ridden society in perpetual darkness. This is why the long overdue transformation we all have been yearning for in Nigeria will continue to elude us. It will because, much as we don’t reward men who have the passion and goodwill to cause positive transformation for the good of all but choose to roll out drums to celebrate criminals that keep oppressing us with our national cake, then we will continue to wallow in destitution.

This reminds me of the recent media outburst against the Director of Finance of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC, Mr. Akinyoghon Ojo, whom the House of Representatives Committee on Finance, chaired by Honorable James Faleke, accused of extra budgetary spending of internally generated revenue and non-remittance. However, nobody needs the service of a soothsayers to know that the main target of the committee regarding the accusation is not Mr. Ojo, but the Executive Vice Chairman of the commission, Barrister Babatunde Irukera, a prince from Kogi west senatorial district of Kogi state. Many Nigerians, due to the manner the issue was presented by the House committee on finance, began to spread the news without digging into the facts Often, we are presented with situations where most of us make judgment without appropriate investigations. We do that mostly as a result of hatred.

Examples abound to buttress the fact that we usually make decision about some issues without having any tangible facts at hand. So unfortunate. I believe before we take some people to the slaughter or nail them on the cross, there’s need for us to do proper findings, because most times things are not what they appear to be. This is why many of us find fault in some people or organisations just on the ground of mere fabrication. The more we continue to take suppositions centered on what we see on the exterior, the more we will keep infringing people’s right.

Though, I am not holding brief for Barrister Irukera, but since he is the main target of the allegations leveled against Mr. Ojo, who works directly under his supervision, I will like to put certain assumptions of some Nigerians, that billions of naira was stolen from the organisation. As an investigative journalist, I took time to examine the matter, and any iota of doubt, it’s purely a mischievous agenda aimed at to tarnishing the hard earned reputation of Prince Irukera. Those bent on believing in falsehood may think something unseen might have exchange hands, far from it. This however does not imply that Irukera, his director for finance, Ojo, and all public officers are saints. They are not. They’re human like every one else. Of course, they have dependants, they have fantastic dreams and visions, requiring lots of money to actualise.

Nevertheless, I can unequivocally say that the recent allegations by the House Committee on Finance against them are outrightly false and baseless. The allegations appear to be politically motivated because of Irukera’s aspiration to be the governor of Kogi state. He took a shoot at the Kogi government house in 2015, but stepped down for late Prince Abubakar Audu. This may cause of all the hullabaloo on the issue of wanton looting at FCCPC.

Let me remind the conspirators who are intending to pass through Mr. Ojo to tarnish the image of Irukera, to play politics with the fear of God. Whatever anyone shall become now and in future, rest with God. God has the final say. If God has purpose it right from eternity that Barrister Irukera will be elected governor of Kogi state after the expiration of the incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello, no satanic agents and evil conspirators can stop him. So, I appeal to those who are hiding under the umbrella of House Committee on Finance to tarnish the name of Irukera to desist forthwith or incur the wrath of God.

A critical look at the Federal Competition and Consumer Act 2018, shows that the organisation has the legal right to spend money from its internally generated revenue without approval from government so long the spending is for the smooth running of the agency.

Consequently, the allegation of embezzlement via the spending of extra budgetary funds leveled against Mr. Ojo, the director for finance, is politically motivated just for an unforeseen masquerade to achieve a particular agenda.

Abdulrasheed writes from Sokoto, Sokoto state.



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