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Insecurity: Unwise Bandits Tempting Kogi’s White Lion

It was the late irrepressible Afro beat maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, sang ‘Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake am’ to warn people to stop fomenting trouble. This is a true reflection of what is happening in the confluence state in recent times.

Beaten back to back by superior military actions orchestrated by the White Lion of Kogi state, Governor Yahaya Bello, ill-advised bandits seems to have staged a comeback in the state. The last few week has seen different coordinated attacks on peace-loving Kogites by these public nuisance in different parts of the state. From kidnappings on highways to brutal killings of people going about their business in peaceful manner.

Before the advent of Bello administration in Kogi state, gun wielding hoodlums had a free reign in the state. They bombed banks, kidnapped at will and kill when they feel like. They terrorized the confluence state to a point that residents lived in perpetual fear, whether at home or on the road. But Bello left no one in doubt that he is more ruthless than these hooligans when he assumed office in 2016.

Though there were instances of dare-devil attacks, like the brazen attack on an old generation bank in the western axis of the state. However, recent occurrences like the repeated attacks in Ajaokuta area of the state shows the bandits have grown in confidence and believe the Lion of Lugard House is asleep. The seized the period Bello was busy with national issues to re-group and plan daring offensives in the state.

Let it be announced loud and clear that the White Lion is fully back and will not fail to act.

This piece is not to celebrate the White Lion’s known capabilities but to sound a note of warning to these bandits, their loved ones (if they have any) and those collaborating with them – their end is near!

Fathers and mothers who are aware that their child or ward is criminal must not wait for the White Lion to descend on their ill-bred criminal son or daughter before taking actions. When the White Lion runs riot, we will not be interested in their tales by moonlight. Call your wards to order now!

Traditional rulers providing shelter for these hoodlums must understand that in the White Lion’s Pride, no one is above the law. When he moves against any monarch, let no one be heard begging that their Oba, Ohi, Onu or whatever should not be disgraced. Investigate and caution your monarchs now before the impending doomsday.

Those aiding and abetting these criminals; housing them, supplying information, sourcing for food for them and providing other services to them must stop now! Your houses will be demolished! White Lion has done it before, he will do it again!

Ethnic champions must call their kinsmen to order now. If they are into crimes, take decisive actions against them now! When the White Lion steps out, there will be no preference for anyone regardless of religion, class or tribe. At that point, crocodile tears of ethnic cleansing will not hold water.

For those hoping to score political points, desist now! The blood been shed will drown any aspiration you have. The land will reject you.

It is very important to sound these warnings ahead of what is bound to happen to the ill-advised bandits and criminals who think Kogi will bow to their terrorism. Never! Their end is predictable. White Lion will crush you without mercy. And the operation to crush them all has started already.

Let me pause here with same song sang by evergreen Fela, ‘Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake amWetin e dey find, na Palava e go find’. A word is enough for the wise.

– Abidemi Olalekan writes from Lokoja.



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