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State of the Nation: PYU Charges Buhari To Call Concerned Officials For Questioning

The Pan-African Youth Union (PYU) has called on Nigeria President, Muhamadu Buhari to call concerned Government Officials for questioning concerning the challenges the nation is facing in critical sectors like security, education and general economy.

The Vice President, West Africa of PYU, Oladele John Nihi said this in the concluding part of a press statement in Abuja on Friday.

“My final charge is for President Muhamadu Buhari to call for questioning these individuals; Godwin Emefiele, Governor of Central Bank, Zainab Ahmed, Honorable Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mej. Gen. Bashir Salihi Magashi, Honorable Minister of Defense, Mallam Adamu Adamu, Honorable Minister of Education; as we all believe that they ought to have adequate response to the many questions on the lips of Nigerians as to why the country is on decline in sensitive areas such as security, economy, and the education sector”.

He charges Nigeria leaders to salvage the country owing to the fact that it shouldn’t be facing all these outrageous challenges being the most populous black nation and one of the most populous country in the world with the possibility of being the 3rd most popular country in the future according to United Nations and the Census Bureau of the United States.

PYU further recognizes unemployment as a major cause of insecurity and instability across the country, quoting the percentages of youths unemployment and total unemployment according to National Bureau of Statistics.

“As the most populous country in Africa and one of the most populated in the world, our leaders needs to derive mechanisms to address issues surrounding unemployment of youths and citizens to control insecurity across the country, and dialogue with aggrieved parties to broker peace”.

“Before we address the ugly situations springing up on daily basis in Nigeria, permit me to introduce to you some statistics and verifiable data. Nigeria, as we all know has the largest population in Africa. And according to the United Nations, the overall population of Nigeria is currently at 218, 601, 314 as at July 1st, 2022. This figure is expected to be at 401.31 million by the end of year 2050, and by year 2100 if the current figures continue projecting at same pace, the population of Nigeria will be over 728 million. The Census Bureau of the United States stated that, the population of Nigeria will surpass that of the United States in 2047, when our population is expected to be at 379.25 million. With these numbers, Nigeria will become the third most populated country in the world”.

“Another variable we have as a factor or major cause of insecurity and instability across the country is the very high unemployment rate due to government inability to engage this growing population productively”.

“Unemployment as we all know is gradually becoming a norm in our society. And according to the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria’ unemployment rate is currently put at 33.3%, while that of youth unemployment rate is currently at 42.5%. These are not figures any country should be proud of”.

The PYU Vice President (West Africa) stresses that with the activities of his office in Nigeria, he has observed ugly event that threatens the welfare and hope of Nigerians and itemized the as follows:

1. Insecurity: Kidnaping of high and low profile citizens, attack on Abuja-Kaduna rail track on 28th March 2022 at exactly 7:45PM, attack on Presidential advance team in Katsina State on 5th July, 2022 at about 11:30AM, Kuje Prison attack/assault still on July 5th, 2022, ambush of the Presidential Guard in Abuja on 26th July, 2022, which led to the death of eight soldiers according to reports making rounds on some of the country’s verified news spaces, and threat of eminent attack on the country’s capital city, Abuja, by Terrorists.

2. ASUU Strike: Five months and still counting industrial action embarked on by the Academic Staff of Union of Universities (ASUU).

3. Economy: Sporadic fall of the naira and high rise in dollar rate, with the later currency currently buying at 680 naira to one dollar and selling at 710 naira in the country’s parallel market.
Nigeria’s debt stock rose to N41.6 trillion ($100.1 billion) in the first quarter of 2022, as against a foreign reserve of $38.483 billion as at 31st May, 2022. The country has never had it this bad. With all these declines and heartbreaking figures, the people saddled with the responsibilities of piloting the economic affairs of the country till now have no clear economic plan to take us out of this quagmire.

4. Politics: with all the stated woes above, and in the midst of these challenges, political leaders in Nigeria are busy with the affairs of politics and politicking to scheme or secure a spot for themselves ahead of the country’s 2023 general election. On this, I will agree with an African proverb which says, “One does not sleep in a house that is on fire.””

Nihi also ultimately charges politician not to neglect the fact that the country they want to lead needs saving, and that it is if there is a country that there will be a leader.

“My penultimate charge will go directly to Nigerian politicians already out in their numbers as expected, canvassing for support and votes from electorates to occupy certain elective positions. This, they are doing without paying appropriate attention to the fact that the country they wish to represent or lead, needs saving. They all need to realize that for electorates and citizens to enjoy these dividends of democracy they are promising to deliver, one need to first of all rescue the country from obscurity, insecurity, corruption, bad economy, and disintegration of unity across board”.

“We cannot have a united family, in a divided house. Nigeria needs to be saved before leadership can become a topic of debate”, he stressed.

“I therefore call on the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, under the leadership of her number one citizen, His Excellency President Mohamadu Buhari, to with immediate effect constitute a workable committee with members cutting across all deciding constraints of the country; the youths, religious organizations, and notable stakeholders, to deliberate on possible and implementable diplomacies for these woes”.

“We have identified population explosion, with corruption playing a supportive role as factors for insecurities, bad economy, and other growth redundant events currently affecting Nigeria”.

“I therefore urge Nigerians in all cities, towns, and villages across the country, particularly areas prone to attacks by bandits and hoodlums that have sworn to disrupt and elevate breakdown of law and order, to take precaution and adhere to security counsels in their localities as we all remain calm and hopefully navigate through these perilous times”.

“The country belongs to us all. Let us work collectively towards saving it”.



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