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2023: Melaye’s Claim Of Being 25% Ijumu and 75% Yagba, An Expired 419 Tactic – Olufemi

Berated Melaye

A youth leader, Comrade Temitope Olufemi has berated the former Senator who represented Kogi West in the national assembly between 2015 and 2019, Dino Melaye, for standing logic on its head in a bid to return to the red chamber.

Fraud and Political Desperation

In a statement issued in Lokoja on Wednesday, Olufemi described Melaye’s recent claim that he is just 25% Ijumu as fraudulent and a clear case of political desperation.


Olufemi wondered how his 25% indigeneship of Ijumu Local Government Area qualified him to be elected into the House of Representatives in same Federal Constituency he is denying now.

Expired 419 Tactic

The political activist described Dino’s recent statements as “an expired 419 tactic”.

Insulted Father’s House

“Daniel Dino Melaye, in his desperation to return to Senate insulted his father’s house while addressing PDP members in Mopamuro LGA last Saturday.

25% Ijumu, 75% Yagba

Dino presented a mathematical permutation claiming he is 75% Yagba and just 25% Ijumu. He went further to say 75% is A1 while 25% is F9. How can a grown man downgrade his father’s home for political gains that will not see the light of the day.

Served His Term

“Let me state categorically that Dino has served his term and he enjoyed massive support then.

Supported not for Superlative Performance

We didn’t support Dino because of superlative performance but to protect Kogi West dignity. That is the fact. He should know how to leave the stage when the ovation is loudest,” he said.

Hijack Primary Election

Olufemi wondered why Dino is not sitting at home in Abuja waiting to hijack primary election, as usual.

Racing Against the Wind

He insisted that the former Senator is racing against the wind and yet to face reality that Kogi West electorate need a breathe of fresh air.


“We are surprised that Dino is going round LGAs in Kogi West seeking delegate votes for the PDP senatorial primary election. This is not the Dino we know, The Dino we all know does not participate in primaries.


He bribes people in Abuja, hijack electoral process and steal party ticket.

Ran Away

“In 2015, Dino ran away from a State House of Assembly member, Bidemi Adeyemi. Bidemi and APC delegates were seated in Kabba venue of the primary election but Dino and election materials were at large.

Didn’t Participate in Primaries

He Didn’t participate in the primary election but went ahead to contest as APC candidate.

Secured Disqualification

“In 2019, Dino begged and secured disqualification of all Kogi West Senatorial aspirants in PDP to make him sole contender for the ticket. Today, some of the disqualified aspirants have decamped to APC.

Throug the Window

He was quoted to have infamously said if he didn’t get the PDP ticket through the door, he will get it through the window.

Begging Delegates

“As we approach 2023, it is interesting to see Dino kneeling down begging delegates for votes.

Time is Over

However, his time is over. Kogi West has grown bigger than Dino. His Yahoo-Yahoo tactics have expired. We are wiser now,” he added.

Free, Fair and Credible Primaries

Olufemi called on state and national leadership of PDP to ensure free, fair and credible primary elections for all positions in Kogi state if the party truly desire to win 2023 general elections.




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