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Kingship: Protest, as Olamaboro Youths Calls on KGSG to Withdraw Staff of Office

By Haruna Adams

Peaceful Protest

Teaming youths of Okwoli descendant of Okpo has embarked on a peaceful protest over the kingship clash with Otteh Descendant in Okpo Olamaboro Local Government headquarter. The protest which they termed as the expression of their grievances over the conferment of staff of office to a descendant of Otteh clan as against the tradition.

Early Hours of Saturday

The peaceful protest, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, 19th of March, 2022 was as a result of disagreement over the conferment of staff of kingship to His Royal Highness, Shaibu Olofu, descendant of Otteh Clan as the Obaje Otalu which the Okwoli Clan believes is their inheritance and their traditional stool.

Case in Court

According to the Okwoli descendant, they confirmed to KogiOnline correspondence that the issue has been on for a while now and the case is in the court pending judgement before the unforeseen presentation of staff of kingship to the descendant of Otteh Clan.

Political Affluence

According to Comrade Suleiman Adams, a descendant of Okwoli during an interview with KogiOnline correspondence, he said that the Kingship of Obaje Otalu is the title that only the descendant of Ayegba Omaidoko can inherit saying that due to political affluence of the Otteh clan, they decide using the opportunity to influence the process. He added that the Otteh people are descendants of the Aku-Mabi ruling house in Idah who migrated to Okpo for settlement and accommodated by the Okwoli Clan, and the only title they can hold is Ogohi, which they can only claim in Anyigba or Enekpe.

Message to Kogi State Government

He opined that the confirmed person coronation has no traditional backing as beading was not done traditionally in Idah. He acclaimed that the peaceful protest is to send a message to the world and the Government of the State, that the process has been influenced and manipulated.

Protesting Youths in Olamaboro
Protesting Youths in Olamaboro
Alien to the Throne

One Mr. Mathias Idoko is quoted to have said; “Your Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, and leaders of our people, in the wake of the prevailing traditional aberration that has bedeviled our custom, leading to our ancestral stool being swindled into the hands of someone who is alien to the throne, it has become imperative that we drew your attention to this gross injustice.

Illegaly Sitting on the Throne

Consequently, we want to urge you to please cascade this message to the Executive Governor for immediate redress and withdrawal of the staff of office given to a certain Olofu who is not heir apparent to the throne. It is important you also let the Governor understand that Obaje Otaalu is not a political position and that descendants of Okwoli who owns the throne are asking it should be returned to the original owners. Olofu is from Otte clan and he is illegally sitting comfortably on a throne belonging to progenitors of Okwoli clan.

This lingering kingship has aroused the attention of concerned Olamaboro indigene, Mr. Onuche E.S of Ogugu, in his words of peace;

Elders are Better Informed

“Traditional issues are best left for people who understand the tradition well to interpret. You and I might not know how they have come a long way till now, the Elders will be better informed to give accounts on their experience so far”

Sheath Swords

He further plead with the Okwoli’s and the Otteh’s to sheath their sword and anger so that the matter can be settled without chaos.

Let Love Lead

He said “This is not a time to start any form of agitation, we have had enough trouble to resolve in the past, let this be resolved patiently”. He further call on the elder of this two clan to come together and settle this before it escalates as he expresses dismay seeing this happening right in the midst of a unique set of people from Olamaboro. “Let love lead”, in the tone of Prophet T.B Joshua”, he asserted.

Implication Against Future

Comr. Ibrahim Abubakar Idoko said “The Obaje-Otalu rift between the Otteh’s and the Okwoli’s may likely spoil many things between the young folks in the near future to come. The implication and the consequences of all these issues will not happen now, Okpo is known for peace, may God resolve the rift between the Oteh’s and the Okwoli’s, “he concluded”.

Swift Into Action

The leader of the protesting youth, Comr. Hamza Abubakar during a press conference in Okpo has called on the State Government to swift into action and withdraw the staff of office from the conferred person as they see it as against their long time tradition and an abuse to the throne of Obaje Otalu.



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